Do You know what is 2017’s Best Browser for windows 10? Answer is Shocking!

I’m going to discuss the recent benchmark test results for different browsers  in order to expose the best browser for windows 10 in 2017. This will help you in making a sound decision which browser you should install. So let’s figure it out!

best browser for windows 10

Top three Browsers for Windows 10 in 2017

i) JetSteam 1.1: Test Results

This Javascript benchmark combines the several Javascript benchmarks and report a single score by balancing all of these benchmarks. Google Chrome dominates in this test by scoring 253 points. Opera was on runner up position with a score of 206 points and firefox was at 3rd position scoring 188 points. Internet Explorer badly failed this test.

ii) Kraken 1.1: Test Results

This benchmark is based on obsolete SunSpider and measures the Javascript performance. Interesting thing about this benchmark is the lowest score is considered as the best result. Again a list of famous browsers is experimented according to this test in order to figure out the best browser for windows 10. Guess what! Opera took the first position with scoring 757 point. Firefox was at second with 915 points. Microsoft edge was the 3rd one with scoring 927 points. Chrome was far behind having a bulk of 134 points (lower the score better the performance).

iii) Octane 2.0: Test Results

The basic principle behind this benchmark is to measure how fast the Microsoft’s TypeScript compiles itself. Higher score is considered the best as in Kraken 1.1 test. Guess what! Opera again prove itself best here with scoring 40 points. Opera was followed by Microsoft Edge with 38 points. It was followed by Chrome with a very small difference (even less than one point). Firefox was at 4th position.

iv) WebXPRT Test Result

It’s  very nice benchmark test produced by Principled Technology. It has HTML 5 and javascript based workloads and everyday tasks scenarios. Microsoft Edge proved itself best with scoring 466 points. It was followed by chrome with 444 points. Opera was at 3rd with 424 point. Firefox with at 4th with 416 points.

v) HTML5 Test Results

This benchmark tests how a web browser compiles with HTML5 web standard. Chrome took the 1st position scoring 519 points.. Opera was right behind this with 516 points. Edge was standing at 3rd with 460 points and Firefox at 4th with 416 points.


Look at results. I don’t feel any need of explaining which is best browser for windows 10. Opera was slowly loosing its popularity in recent years but shockingly Opera proved itself the best browser for windows 10 in recent tests by winning two benchmarks.

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