How do I Make Someone an Admin in Facebook Group

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Add Admin in Facebook Group: Admin of any Facebook group is authoritative moderator. Admin of any FB group can edit group settings, remove members and give other members admin status. There can multiple people who can server any Facebook group as Admin.


Only members of any group could be authorized to an Admin by any existing Admin of that particular group. If you’re an Admin of any group, you can also make or add any Facebook contact as an Admin of the group. An admin can make a Facebook group a successful group or totally failed. Therefore, choosing who could be an admin has consequences.

Adding Admin in Facebook group is not an uphill task. If you fulfill the following requirements, you can add Admin in Facebook groups.


  1. You must be an Admin of that Facebook group in which you want to add an admin
  2. The Facebook contact you want to add as an Admin must already be the member of that Facebook Group

How to Add Admin in Facebook Group – Step by Step

  1. Navigate to your Facebook Group
  2. Press “Members” from the top left panel
  3. Locate the contact from the members list
  4. Click  next to the person you want to make an admin or moderator
  5. Select Make Admin from the drop down menu
  6. Press Make Admin from the windows that pop-ups


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