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It is always a need to know which web browser is being used by you, clients or staff. From Web Developers or I.T. Support, to a non-technical person, MyBrowserUpdates.com aimed to provide real time information on what browser and a version of browser they are using, whether the JavaScript, Cookies or Adobe Flash enabled in their browser, and what version of Adobe Flash Player, and Java is installed in their system, plus much more. The detection algorithms used on the site are being updated daily basis to keep detecting new browsers as they are released.

Complete Guide

MyBrowserUpdates is also endeavoring its efforts to provide most updated guide on browsers. The guide is aimed to cover step by step solutions of almost all the problems of all available browsers. Such as, if a user is searching how to enable or disable cookies in Google Chrome, MyBrowserUpdates has provided a complete guide on it. However, step by step guide does not mean that the website does not provide derailed guideline.

Main Topics of Guide

Its “How to” section mainly covers topics such as how to enable JavaScript (JS), how to enable cookies, how to clear history, how to install different plugins or ad-on like Flash Player, how to download or install any browser in your Operating System like Windows, iOS, Android etc. how to update or keep your browser up to date. and much more. In addition, we also cover other relevant “how to” topics time to time for more than 30 active web browsers, whether related to desktop or mobile web browsers.


Moreover, our dedicated teams always worried to provide most updated and latest NEWS on different web browsers. The homepage of MyBrowserUpdates.com is updated on daily basis to provide whatever happens throughout the world about any browser.

Thanks You

Thank you for giving MyBrowserUpdates time to know about it. We always welcome your positive to negative feedback to help make our free services better.

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