7 Best Games on Facebook

Best Games on Facebook

Best Games on Facebook in 2017: Games on Facebook are for the people have a really good taste in gaming. If you’re Facebook addicted and love to play online games, you need to know some best games on Facebook. You don’t need to logout of your Facebook and to open …

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Top Android Games on Google Play


Android has brought a wide opportunity for every Smartphone user to play games anytime, anywhere. Find top 8 Unique Android Games to Play that I’ve listed here. There is no need to go back to your workbench restart you PC of laptop just to play some game. You can install …

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2 Easy Ways to Install WordPress

how to install wordpress

How to Install WordPress: WordPress is famous CMS platform for building websites and blogs. More than 30% of world’s websites are powered by WordPress. Once you have bought hosting, I recommend buying starter package of Premium Hosting for basic website as well as blog. There are two Methods of Installing …

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Fundamental Firefox Add-Ons for Developers

Firefox Add-ons for Developers

Every web developer needs useful add-ons and other plugins to do his job in more efficient way. A web browser is the base, whether we’re working on developing, management projects, web designing or if we just surfing internet. Browser based web applications gave rise to improve web browser from different …

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Fix "Cannot connect to iTunes Store on Apple TV"

Cannot connect to iTunes Store on Apple TV

Sometimes while connecting to iTunes Store on Apple TV, you see an alert, showing “Cannot connect to iTunes Store“. Mostly this problem occurs whenever there is some issue with your internet connection. But not all the time, there are other factors as well that prevent Apple TV from connecting to …

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Fix "iTunes Can't Recognize Mac"

Mac Can't Connect To iTunes

You don’t always have to blame your internet connection, if your Mac can’t connect to iTunes store. Though, mostly Apple products like Mac and iPhone face the issue of not recognizing to iTunes Store, because of some problem with internet connectivity. But in fact, there could be many other reasons as well. …

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The Best Browser for Web Developers

Best Browser for Web Developers

There is a big difference in choice when you’re selecting a browser as simple user, or as developer. The purpose of finding the best browser for web developers as developing tools, is to give a brief intro about the browsers which performs well for web development. So, that the web …

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Homemade ways to Repair your Mac

Repair your MacBook

Repair your Mac Guide: Sometimes you need to repair your MacBook by yourself due to any hardware issue i.e. you may have dropped it on floor or any other hardware problem. Usually these hardware issue are revolved around shuddering of hard disk, RAM issues, no display over LCD, some issue …

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Fix if iPhone Can't Connect To iTunes

iPhone Cannot Connect To iTunes Store

Sometimes iPhone users face a serious problem that iPhone cannot connect to iTunes Store or Game center. “Can’t connect to iTunes Store” appears whenever a user taps on iTunes app. Some say that the Jailbreaking an iOS Device causes such errors to occur most often, but I personally don’t think …

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WeChat vs Alipay - Who's Dominating?

WeChat vs Alipay

In Chinese environment, the tech giants are likely to describe their power around certain industries such as Alibaba and Tencent. Since their authority goes on expanding, the overlap is assured and mobile payment is one of those. Mobile payments are one of those areas of a rival. It’s an advantageous …

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How do I Make Someone an Admin in Facebook Group

add admin in facebook group

Add Admin in Facebook Group: Admin of any Facebook group is authoritative moderator. Admin of any FB group can edit group settings, remove members and give other members admin status. There can multiple people who can server any Facebook group as Admin. Only members of any group could be authorized to …

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Whatsapp Marketing Campaigns for Business Promotion

whatsapp for business

WhatsApp for Business: WhatsApp, is the fastest growing communication app that can be used to promote your business. Tools are being use to bulk your business messages as promotional strategies with many other marketing campaign options as well. I know it’s kind of hard to believe but yes, you can …

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Using Tor Browser on Android in 3 Steps

How to Use Tor on Android

When privacy and anonymity become priority, the only name which blink in our mind is TOR Browser. How to Use Tor on Android is also a hot question query in today’s era of Smartphones. After the successful experience of Tor browser for PC, it was also made available for other …

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Update Your Internet Browser

Update Browser

Keeping your browser updated is very important. Out of date web browsers can have serious security, speed, compatibility problems. On the other side, if you’re using a secure web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari, with updated version of relevant browser in your PC or mobile phone, you may have …

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